How to Survive the First Trimester

The first trimester in pregnancy I’ve always heard (and now experienced) is always the hardest, some people are more lucky than others, but unfortunately I was among the unlucky ones. I thought about all the things I found particularly hard in my first trimester, made a list, and came up with a few tips to get you through those first tough few months.

Morning Sickness

I didn’t have a good time with morning sickness (as I have mentioned in a previous post) and there was rarely a time when I felt like I wasn’t going to throw up. In the end I had to go to the doctor for some medicine to help stop me throwing pretty much everything I ate up, but unfortunately – although I am grateful it helped with the throwing up part – it didn’t solve the nausea. I hated taking the pills as it was and putting unknown medicines in my body so I searched for some natural things to help with the nausea and these are the things that really helped:

  • Eating something really simple before getting out of bed in the morning – I used to have a packet of plain crackers on my bedside table and would eat them before I did anything in the morning.
  • Ginger tea (or anything ginger for that matter) but just a nice warm cup of ginger herbal tea really helps. (Ginger has been said to be one of the strongest nausea treatments.)
  • Fresh air! A good walk outside will also help ease the nausea. (I know it sounds too simple to be true, but trust me) You don’t need to take a full on hike, just take a nice easy stroll around the block.

Morning sickness does make it hard to keep stuff down, so don’t eat heavy foods such as a curry or pasta, eat something easy like a soup or smoothie (refer to my previous post – ‘Getting your Nutrients in Pregnancy’) and when drinking fluids, make sure you sip them and don’t gulp, as this could cause everything to come flowing back up.


One of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant was purchase new, more comfortable, bras. They’re so easy to find, Asda, Tesco etc. I got a sports type bra, with no under-wire, just some padding and it’s much better for comfort than my old ‘push-up’ bras. In the first trimester you may find that your breasts become sore and will start to grow, so a comfortable bra is definitely key. (If the pain does become really uncomfortable, remember – you’re allowed to take paracetamol, so for all those uncomfortable cramps and growing pains, if you need it, take it!)

Getting comfortable in bed and sitting on the couch or a dining chair proved quite difficult for me (and still does, to be honest.) But don’t feel annoyed if it takes you time to get comfortable on the couch or in bed, it will take time to find that ‘just right’ position. Purchase a pregnancy pillow! They are great for getting comfortable in bed at night, and use it on the couch as well. If you’re sitting on dining chairs, grab a couch pillow to sit on and support your back, it makes sitting at the table for dinner much more comfortable.

In your first trimester, you’ll find your clothes are becoming more tighter as time goes on, and there’s nothing worse than going throughout the day wearing uncomfortable clothes, so don’t be afraid to wear some leggings or loose tops when going out! I haven’t worn a single pair of jeans whilst being pregnant, as they were just too uncomfortable for me to wear, and I have even stolen a few of my husbands tops just to feel that extra comfort (I do have my own maternity tops now though!) Something else that is great to wear is a loose maxi dress. Again, you can find this stuff so easily, on Amazon, in Asda, Tesco etc.

Change of Smell

You’ll notice that your sense of smell will change in the first few weeks of pregnancy. I couldn’t go anywhere near our fridge because I couldn’t stand the smell! All that was in there were the usual bits, nothing off or with an unusual smell, but it made the nausea worse. I found that putting cut up lemon around in the fridge helped with whatever it was that I was smelling that I didn’t like. You can actually get air fresheners for the fridge, but I wasn’t too sure about them.

The good news is that you should start feeling normal again going into your second trimester, and you’ll find you can eat more like you used to and do more things. Pregnancy is such a wonderful journey and an amazing experience (so far anyway!) enjoy it as best you can, and with these tips, I hope it becomes that bit more bearable.


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