Two Ingredient Chocolate Icing

I was doing some last minute cupcakes to give to some friends, and when I came to prepare the icing I realized I didn’t have the right ingredients for my usual cupcake frosting. So, it was time for another experiment, and I came up with a two ingredient icing – yes, just two ingredients! Now, it’s not as nice as buttercream of course, but it is still super yummy! It has its own unique taste that goes great with cupcakes.

You’ll need:

2 cups butter

1-2 cups chocolate chips


Melt the butter and the chocolate chips together in a saucepan on low. Once completely melted, put the mixture into the freezer until it is firm and no longer runny. (Don’t worry about the look of the mixture when you take it out, it will look yummy in a minute!) Now whisk the mixture up and it should look like a delicious chocolate frosting!

The icing was a great hit with my friends; It was something new, unique and tasty, and it couldn’t be easier to make!


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