13 Hilariously Accurate Third Trimester Truths

I’m at that stage where I’m between feeling like I have been pregnant forever and yet feeling like it’s gone by so fast – I have just over a month to go before my due date!

I attended an appointment yesterday (which they kept me waiting an hour and a half for before I actually got seen) it was so hot outside and we were sat on the most uncomfortable leather seats. In walks another pregnant woman, her hair and makeup done to perfection, in a cute little dress finished with some high heels, looking glamorous and glowing and here I am glowing with sweat, slouched in my chair in the most unattractive position. Thinking back to it now, it sounds hilarious – it just shows how everyone’s pregnancy can be completely different.

I have seen a lot of ‘third trimester truths’ which have made me giggle, so I thought I would make up a list of my own truths (and I don’t doubt that no matter how different everyone’s pregnancy is, everyone goes through these at some point in their third trimester) that I’ve gone through so far:

1. Wanting to punch anyone who says “Are you sure there’s only one in there?”

2. Feeling like you’re living off of heartburn relief

3. Cankles

4. Making strange noises when getting up off of furniture

5. Relying on someone else to put your socks/shoes on as you can no longer reach

6. The ten point turn that’s needed to turn over in the night, get out of the bath, or get off of the floor

7. Needing to use the toilet – all the time – even after you’ve just been (and having to think ahead before going out as to where the nearest toilets will be)

8. The half-hour it takes to get comfortable in bed at night and needing a good few pillows around you to make that possible (then when you finally do get comfortable after about half an hour, you need to toilet – again)

9. That heart sinking feeling when you drop something you needed on the floor

10. The shocked faces of people when you tell them how long you still have to go

11. No longer being able to sit like a lady, rather it’s legs spread open wide (and then having to adjust your position every 5 minutes because it gets uncomfortable too quickly)

12. Being absolutely knackered after going up about five steps of stairs

13. The surprise visit of cramps – Every. Night.

Found yourself nodding along to any of these? Which ones?


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13 thoughts on “13 Hilariously Accurate Third Trimester Truths”

  1. I got varicose veins having to sit for a long period at an antinatal meeting of all things (in my 2nd pregnancy) in blistering heat so I would advise you to always get up and walk around if having to sit for long periods!

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  2. Haha it felt like I was pregnant forever and these are very true! I went a week overdue and it was the longest week of my life!

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