Anyone can be a Father, but it takes Someone Special to be a Dad

Something some people don’t know about me, is that I don’t know who my biological Father is – I have no memory of him, no photos/videos, nothing. This bothered me for a good part of my life, knowing that there is a man out there in the world, who is half of me – I always had the constant thought of: ‘Does my Father think of me?’

There were many times when I wanted to search and find him, but as it turned out, he always knew where I lived and there were never any birthday cards, Christmas cards, no presents or visits.

After the many times my Mother had tried to tell me that my biological Father wanted nothing to do with me, I finally accepted it and oddly enough, knowing that my own flesh and blood wanted nothing to do with me didn’t have the effect on me I assumed it would. I don’t feel the need to find him anymore because I made it without him – we made it without him, and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

I was able to walk down the aisle a year ago to my husband with a Step-Father that raised me better in 5 years than he ever could have done in 18 – A man who never walked out because he couldn’t be bothered, and one who will make an amazing Grandfather in just a few weeks’ time.

Not knowing who my biological Father is hasn’t affected me in life in anyway, if anything it has made me want to be more successful – especially in my marriage and as a parent, and I’m glad my little ones will grow up with a Father who will always be around with unconditional love.

Although – I do have something to thank him for at least; if he hadn’t have walked out, I wouldn’t have the amazing bond I do with my Mother – one that I wouldn’t trade for the world – and I wouldn’t have had the amazing life I did and ended up where – and who –  I am today.

So, Happy Father’s Day to the real Father in my life, and all others around the world.


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8 thoughts on “Anyone can be a Father, but it takes Someone Special to be a Dad”

  1. Well said. It takes a real man to be a dad. My husband’s dad has never wanted anything to do with him either – more fool him, he hasn’t a clue what he’s missing out on!

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