My Incredibly Difficult, Yet Wonderful, Journey Through Labour

Last week I experienced the incredibly difficult, yet wonderful, journey of bringing my little girl into the world, and a few weeks back when preparing for labour and birth itself, I never imagined it would go the way that it did.

I went in to be induced on Saturday, and didn’t have baby until early hours of Tuesday morning – I wasn’t expecting it to work straight away as it was my first baby, plus I was still two weeks early. A few hours into the induction I started getting irregular contractions but nothing was progressing. This went on for about 36 hours and it wasn’t until they tried to induce me for the last time that my waters broke naturally and I went into active labour.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember much about my labour once my waters broke. I was using gas and air – when they finally let me have it, and I was already so exhausted. I had planned throughout the whole of my pregnancy to go through labour with only gas and air as pain relief, but unfortunately, that didn’t go to plan. I ended up getting an epidural as my body had started to shut down and I wasn’t coping well at all. I felt disappointed that I hadn’t kept to my plan, but in the long run I’m glad I did get it.

After my waters broke I was in labour for 16 hours more before I was fully dilated and could start to push. Because of the way baby was lay inside the womb, I could still feel when I was getting a contraction in one side of my hip – which made it so painful to push. I’m not sure how long I was pushing for before there were suddenly nurses and doctors surrounding me. The doctor decided to assist the birth of baby with forceps and an episiotomy. With a few more pushes, our little girl entered the world.

Unfortunately, the drama didn’t stop there as I began to loose a lot of blood and was rushed to theatre. It was an emotional rollercoaster as I was so happy to finally have our little girl, but exhausted and not really fully knowing quite what was going on. I was sorted out in theatre and given a blood transfusion, then I was finally able to go back to my room to properly meet my little girl.

Becoming a Mum – even though it only has been one week – has been such an adventure for me already – the endless change of nappies, the long feeds throughout the night trying not to fall asleep, burps, cries and snuggles – I absolutely love it.

Although my journey through labour wasn’t the best I could’ve asked for, I would definitely do it all over again, because the reward at the end is definitely worth it.


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