6 Reasons Why I Love Being a Young Mother

I was asked a few days ago if I regret having a child so quickly after getting married, and having one so young. Although our little one wasn’t planned and it was all quite a surprise, I don’t regret it one bit. Being a mother has entirely transformed my life in the best way. It has its challenges (oh boy, does it) but it also has its perks.

Less Life Adjustment

I wasn’t used to a certain amount of income, going away on spontaneous vacations, or having a lot of time to myself. I had no set routines. So I became a wife, a mother, and an adult all in one breath, and it was all just progress from there.

No Pressure

There’s still plenty of time for us to have a big family. There’s no time limit on us at the moment before all the risks become too high. We are going to be able to enjoy our little one for as long as we want before considering another one.

Grandparents, Grandchildren

My parents are thankfully around to love and know my daughter, and hopefully I’ll be around to love and know my grandchildren too.

My Body

I have spent years struggling to love my body for the way it is, and it wasn’t until pregnancy that I finally understood and respected my body, and now I love all my stretch marks, curves and bumps.
So I’m thankful I had that experience sooner rather than later because I finally feel happy in myself.

More Time

Having a baby at 19 rather than 29 means that I have 10 more years of being a mother. An extra decade of love and growth, and an extra decade of togetherness.

A Purpose in Life

Growing up I had never known what I wanted to pursue as a career, I flit and floated through different courses until I quit all together. Being a Mum has given me that purpose in life, and it’s the best job in the world.

*Update: This post is just my personal reasons to why I love being a young mother, not that being a young mother is better.


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39 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why I Love Being a Young Mother”

  1. I can definitely see that being a young mother has it’s perks! What you say about coming to understand and respect your body after going through pregnancy is really interesting and the fact it has helped you be happy in yourself is amazing 🙂 x

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  2. There are positives to having kids at any age. My mum was 25 when she had me which was considered quite young compared to friends parents etc and the great thing is we’re really close and we were able to do things together for a long time x


  3. Great little post! Glad that you can so easily point out all the positives to being a young mum! I had my first at 20 and was married whilst pregnant, definitley changed my life but I’m very glad I did it younger than most people do now. Its funny to me because havig children this early was once the way to do things and that seems to have changed!

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  4. I love this entire post- it’s perfect. I especially understand and agree with the “body” portion. I have never loved my body more than when I was pregnant- my body had a specific purpose and direction and I cherished it. I now wish my 2-kids-later baby belly would pooch a little less, but I wouldn’t trade it!

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  5. I felt the same way about my body after having my children. I’ve never loved myself more than the way I love myself now. Becoming a mom has really given my life a purpose, and it’s to raise these lovely boys into men.

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  6. I don’t think it matters what age we have children, as long as we do the best that we can. Being a young mother means that when they’re old enough to fly the nest you’ll still be young enough to have all sorts of awesome adventures too 🙂

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  7. It’s so lovely to read about how much you enjoy and appreciate being a young mother. I can imagine it’s quite an adventure of love and growth! I’d also like to quickly say I think its beautiful that your pregnancy helped you to finally feel comfortable in your skin and love yourself!

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  8. Young motherhood can be such a beautiful thing to see happen! Not only does a child come into this world and grow, but the mother continues to grow and mature in ways never before as well. All the best to you and your family, honey!

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  9. I love that your expressing the good side of being a young mom. I feel like young mothers get such a bad rep and people forget to congratulate them.

    I congratulate you and admire you! Your happiness is all that matters! You have your own little family to create new memories with! ❤️❤️

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  10. I love your blog title name.. I’m something similar to you but a Lazy cooker in general hahah never knowing what to make etc, but anyways I saw you had a baby at 19 I had my first at 22 nothing that I had planned but I think we all feel that we have a child way to young, but would never regret our decision.

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