Things You Don’t Need For Your Newborn (Guest Post)

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Anywho, onto the reason we’re here. We’re talking about newborns. It’s been a year since our Short Rib was classed as a newborn, but we have learned plenty during that time and we’re here to impart our guidance and wisdom. Before you go out excitedly shopping like loons for your new arrival, just take time to have a nosey at this list of things which are, kinda awesome in their own ways, but that you simply do not need for your newborn baby. Put your money away.


No, I’m not advocating you have a naked baby. What I am telling you, for a fact, is that your new arrival will be bought more clothes than you can deal with. People you don’t even know will make them things, buy them things and those things are always clothes. You will not need to buy anything in newborn size, so stick with the bare essentials and the few items that you see that you simply MUST own, like the Darth Vader babygrow that says ‘You are my Father’ on it. A cute outfit for them to come home in. That sort of stuff.

All that Sudocrem!

I thought Sudocrem was an absolute MUST when you had a baby. It’s one of those things you remember from younger siblings, to that pot that your Gran has had in her airing cupboard since 1984 “just in case”. On the very odd occasion it is needed Sudocrem goes a very, very long way but you get so many samples of the stuff that you won’t need to buy any until your baby is probably about two. It’s tempting in the pre-baby hysteria. But don’t.

A baby bath

You already have a bath. You already have a sink. You do not need another receptacle to clean your baby. We had one and used it a grand total of three times before we realised it was far easier to either pop him in the bath with me for a splash and a play, or have him in the shower with Wes for an altogether quicker washing experience. He loves both, as you would expect from a baby born in the water, but the baby bath just got moved rather than used.

Heat indicators for said bath

You’ve seen the whole dip your elbow into the water thing that parents do. Do that. You don’t need these sticky things for the bottom of it, especially not when they’re not even remotely accurate. We filled our bath up with a shower that clearly regulates the temperature at 37 degrees (body temperature to you and me). That is apparently way too hot. They were binned. Don’t waste your money.

Scratch mitts

Allow me to explain before you all tell me that I’m some sort of mad woman. I did not know pre-baby that most babygrows with sleeves in also have built-in scratch mitt things until they’re around size 3-6 months. If you insist on keeping your baby’s hands hidden from them, these are far, far more effective for the simple fact that they can’t wave them off. Short Rib hated having his hands restricted, so any sort of scratch mitt came off in literally a few seconds. We were kindly made some that were better for not being immediately removed, but the whinging and clear distaste for them wasn’t worth it. When your baby is more bothered by the scratch mitts than he is the gash he’s just given himself on his cheek, then you know it’s time to bin them. Short Rib had a few incidents of accidental self-harm but only one that he’s ever alerted us to. Keep nibbling their fingernails and forget about these little things forever. You’re watching them constantly in the first few months anyway.

Just to let you guys know we bought all this stuff and more slightly less useless stuff. I don’t expect anyone to actually not buy a baby bath because of this post, but these are the items we found ourselves having bought but never using with our baby. Yours is obviously going to be very different. They might love scratch mitts.


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12 thoughts on “Things You Don’t Need For Your Newborn (Guest Post)”

  1. I think each mom should get what she needs and feels comfortable with. We bought a lot of stuff and were gifted so much. Whatever we no longer needed or did not use, we gave away to other expecting moms as a kind of pay it forward. Yes there were some unnecessary items, but as a first time mom, I felt better knowing I had those things rather than not have them.

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  2. Oh my! I so agree with this! You would be surprised how much you’re going to be showered with gifts by family and even co workers. fight the urge, and if you must buy, start slowly!…real slow:-) Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awww … it’s been so long since I’ve had a newborn (mine are 16 and 18 now!). I totally agree with the newborn clothes … it was really kind of sad how much my kids didn’t even get to wear because they grew out of them too quickly to wear everything they had! Because of that, I make myself pass up on buying new clothes when I go to baby showers … but it’s soooo hard because everything is so dang cute!

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