Why we are Choosing Home Education

I first thought about home educating my children when I was in High School, and have done ever since. Of course, since being married I then had another person to discuss and decide it with. My husband wasn’t completely set on the idea at first, but after discussing it and doing our own research, he agreed to home educate. This doesn’t mean we now completely disagree with public schooling and look down on parents who choose to do that. We have just decided that this is right for our family, and these are just a few reasons why.

I personally hated school. I hated going, I hated the long hours, I was constantly bullied and overall I felt like it was a place where I didn’t belong. I had a different learning style from the so called normal, so I wasn’t able to pick up things as well as other people in my class. I preferred sitting down alone with my teacher and having it explained to me in ways I could understand, but obviously teachers are unable to constantly give one student their full attention. I didn’t do well, and therefore never finished my further education. I truly believe that if I had been home educated, I would be telling you a completely different story.

Something that people always bring up when they learn that we are home educating is that Chunks won’t have a lot of socialisation. But she will have plenty of opportunities. Chunks will be going to plenty of children’s clubs, there are local mother and toddler groups and our families. My mother had me young and so now I have younger siblings that are just a little older than Chunks, so she will grow up with them too.

We are really looking forward to being able to teach Chunks and our future children things like gardening, budgeting and space (curtesy of my husband) among many others things whilst exploring, learning and growing all together. Every child is unique and different, and each learn in their own ways, by home educating we are able to teach Chunks with her best interests at heart.


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32 thoughts on “Why we are Choosing Home Education”

  1. I think homeschooling is each individual parents choice. For us we won’t be doing home schooling as that’s our personal choice . My nephews on the other hand are homeschooled and I think its great that it works for them. I hope it works out for u.

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  2. I think you have to be really passionate about your choices to home school. It would be no good for me as I lack the time, the inclination and the patience to do it, but I can see why it’s the best option for many families.

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  3. I commend you for choosing to home school. I sometimes think that this route would be good for our son as he prefers being outdoors and learning things his own way in his own time. I have a couple of years to decide what we’re going to do. Best of luck with it all.

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  4. It’s a very personal choice. I love the school my kids go to as it teaches them so much that I couldn’t, they can have subject matter experts who have had more life experiences than I have. Mixing with other kids on a daily basis is good for my boys as it helps them learn tolerance as they don’t get on with everyone but they need to learn to respect others. This by no means suggests my choice is the right one. You know your child best and like any parent will do whats best for them. I hope you both enjoy this journey together x


  5. We home educate and its the best decision ever! Not only for us but most importantly our kids, there is no way litte t would sit at a desk all day, he is only 4 but we bake, play in leaves, go for walks and are going to be starting projects in the new year, hes learning pencil control and about the world all in his own time 🙂

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    1. This comment makes me so happy! I’m a firm believer that children all learn things in their own time and at their own pace, and all these ‘guidelines’ saying children should be doing certain things by a certain age is complete rubbish. Well done to you! ❤️

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  6. She will gain a better education because it will make her more rounded as a person. Not that it is the teacher’s fault, but they teach for a state test and not the tools kids need anymore. Who better to teach her than the ones who love her most!

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  7. Honestly, I wish I had home education. I was bullied terribly at school and it didn’t help my mental health issues of anxiety, depression and bi-polar. It wasn’t even the kids bullying me, but teachers, too. Once, Prince Charles was coming to our school to see our Cadets and they said I’d be too much of a handful with my anxiety and to not bother going to school. Of course, it’s all personal choices and there’s pros and cons of both sides, but I hope your decision turns out the best for you. x

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  8. I think home schooling is a great idea. I don’t think I personal could do it though, I am not to good with timekeeping!! I have so many plans what I am going to do each day and they never happen the way they should 😦

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