Behind the Greatness

Being a mother is an amazing thing, really it is. When Chunks came into the world, I couldn’t have been happier; I love her more than anything in the world. But I couldn’t believe how lonely I began to feel. Ever since becoming a mother, I began to feel friends distancing themselves (especially the ones who didn’t have kids themselves) and some family only ever came to visit once.

I decided to be a stay-at-home mother, and start my own business at home. So I don’t have any work colleagues to chat with. My husband accepted a job, and it felt as though he was there constantly (and it still does.) As soon as he gets home I go off to the gym, come home, eat and then go to bed. My days all roll into one with the same routine every day.

It was big shock in the first few months, but now 8 months on, I’ve learned to accept it. I am slowly coming out of my shell and meeting other mums, all while still very much enjoying watching Chunks discover the world.

Like I said at the beginning, I love being a mother and wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s really easy to blog about how great being a mother is, but sometimes we need to share the not so great parts too, and more importantly: showing other mothers feeling the same that they are not alone.


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21 thoughts on “Behind the Greatness”

  1. This was really beautiful! I’m so sorry you felt lonely at the beginning. A lot of my friends that have children have said that, and it sucks that it’s a common feeling. I hope it’ll continue to get better and that you and Chunk have the best and most exciting adventures whilst on your journey! 🙂 x

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  2. I always felt lonely as a mother – back when my son was a baby, and even now that he is 18. I’ve never really had “mum friends” and coupled with working for myself since he was young, it’s been a somewhat lonely motherhood for me too, so I can relate. I am glad to read that you’re getting yourself out there – I wish I could go back in time and do the same. x

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  3. Being a Mother is certainly a tricky job, and totally unpredictable. With all the joys and wonder, come all the things we don’t want, or don’t consider will happen, or could just do without. Some of it is just harder. I’ve been a Mother now for 22 years, and it’s been amazing, but if you’d told me some of the stuff that has happened, I’d have been somewhat scared about facing it.

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  4. what a lovely picture, she is so so cute! I’m not a mum but I agree that being a mum is great and difficult at the same time so it’s very useful to share these experiences because some mums can be a bit lost at first right? x

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  5. My baby is about the same age as Chunks (Pickle is 9 months) and you’re right that it takes about this long to get into the swing of this whole parenthood thing. Thankfully, I was really lucky to have a great group of Mums I met at an antenatal class that have been a real lifeline, but whilst I might not feel lonely during the day, I definitely felt hard-done-by in the evenings when it felt like my husband could ‘relax’ after a day at work whilst I was still working hard!

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  6. I don’t have kids myself, but many of my friends who do find it quite lonely at times!

    Being open about it can be helpful i guess and blogging give you something to distract as well’

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  7. yes you are so right we mostly only come across the good things, glad you wrote about the loneliness and the set pattern that most moms only feel but do not express!

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