To Mum, From Me

Our story is quite different,
From other ones you see.
But you’ll soon see why,
It was meant to be.

We began our journey early,
Although it wasn’t planned,
But now you could say,
It turned out rather grand.

Our journey hasn’t been perfect,
We’ve had our highs and lows,
But that’s what’s made us,
Who we are I suppose.

You’re my inspiration,
How strong you truly are,
And how I love knowing,
You’re never really far.

Now that I’m a mother,
I appreciate you even more,
You always saw the best in me,
You’ve taught me how to soar.

Words can’t really explain,
How much you mean to me,
But Mum, I love you,
Happy Mother’s Day, from me.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mother’s around the world.


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The Lazy Baker

Lifestyle, parenting and food blog of a young married mother. Enquiries:

24 thoughts on “To Mum, From Me”

  1. Beautiful words – Mothers Day is a way for me to celebrate the amazing woman that gave me life – she is so selfless all year round that it’s lovely to be able to pamper and look after her one day of the year – its a small way to repay everything that she does for me!

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